SWAN Donation Calculator

Use the S.W.A.N Donation Calculator to get a sneak peek at how the School Website Affinity Network can help you reach your fundraising goals! Simply choose the number of participating businesses and the donation that you'd like to receive from each in return for a presence in the S.W.A.N. Mini Window displayed on your school's website.

We've included a sample National Average School Fundraising Plan to give you a point of reference, and split the businesses into three main categories to help customize your fundraising approach:
  • Small Shops: Owner-operated shops like beauty salons, auto service stations and dry cleaners.
  • Mid-Size Stores: Convenience stores, restaurants, hardware stores, gyms, day care services.
  • Professional Services: Medical practitioners, legal and accounting services, home repair and maintenance services.
Calculate Your School's Fundraising Plan
Small Shops donating $ ea.
Mid-Sized Businesses donating $ ea.
Professional Services donating $ ea.
S.W.A.N fixed fee per Business $
Plus S.W.A.N Fundraising Credit:   $        300
Average Annual School Fundraising: $00,000
Compare your plan to our National Average
National Average School Fundraising Plan
15 Small Shops donating $ 350 ea.
10 Mid-Sized Stores donating $ 550 ea.
5 Professional Services donating $ 850 ea.
S.W.A.N fixed fee per Business $ 120
S.W.A.N Fundraising Credit
$ 300
Average Annual School Fundraising
$ 11,700
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